Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lightworkers Healing Reality

It is difficult to hold out against the fresh wave of existentialism and cynicism that are crashing our psychic shores in the aftermath of so many global and national shockwaves. It is easy to get caught up in the deep anger, high stress,  and low hopes to which so many have succumb in an effort to confront the crises of today or cope with those predicted for the morrow. And though we cannot check out of the happenings of the material world, it is important to remember that what is happening in the world is only part of the problem. Like the proverbial iceberg, there is much that we cannot see below the surface. It is up to those of us who live and experience states and realities beyond the material world to go into the deep and work to shift the momentum into healthy patterns.

Just as you have chosen to exert energy into certain problem areas (political, medical, civil rights, financial, etc.), you can choose to work those branches of concern at the subtle level. It is as important as ever to take our cares and prayers into the mythic--where we can engage the forces of creation before they manifest fully into the world. Now is the time to sit at the fire, sing the healing songs, meditate and pray, step into our power as stewards of the world.

We are a Rainbow Tribe of every culture and healing modality, but we all source from Spirit. We are stewards of life and creation and must use our shamanic sight to delve beyond the concretized patterns of warring psyches and cultures acting out their fears and limiting beliefs. Act in the world yes, but we must do more. To turn this tide, we must create a healing wave in the realms of subtle energy and the collective unconscious. Let us visualize beauty and bounty, health and happiness, creativity and transformation, respect for differences and harmonic unity.

These sound wonderful, but how do we inject specific patterns with power? In the mythic realm, the image is one of the most important vehicles for conveying concepts and energy. Choose an image that depicts one or more of the positive vibrations we need to inject into the collective. Using whatever you preferred modality for meditation or engaging the subtle realm, begin forming the image that represents the attitudes you are targeting. First, let that image and its emotions infuse your own being. Once you feel immersed, then move on to radiate this into the world. Imagine the energy like a dye that begins to seep from your luminous being into the luminous world around you. Be sure you are not trying to "control" any one or thing--be sure you are offering love and healing for the highest good. Together, we can create a new pattern, a new reality, that will wash into existence. Namasté

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