Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual

Finally, my new book is on its way! Coming in April!!

If you’ve been linked with my website, blog, or social media over the last year, you’ve seen a notice or two about the upcoming release of my book Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual. Well after years of thought, months of writing, and more months of proofreading and editing, the book is at last in its final stages.
I’m excited that this delivery is finally at hand, and I hope you will find the result as helpful as I have dreamt it would be.
I have been a writer all of my life. Even as I child I wrote poetry and kept journals. Eventually I found ways to get published here and there in various venues, but life usually seemed too demanding for me to complete one of my fiction or non-fiction manuscripts, though I eventually did that some years ago. Most writers will tell you that writing is not hard, it is the finishing that is hard. It is the anal, detail-driven, perfection-focused elements of polishing and producing an end product that are the really hard parts of writing. Therefore, writers don’t usually take on a book project unless they are passionate enough about it to do the hard labor.
There are several unfinished manuscripts in my files that I would have much rather undertaken than this one. This book, however, demanded to be written. No matter what project I picked up, snippets of this content would leak through, and finally, I put aside other ventures to focus on this one. It just seemed that the Universe was calling this little guidebook into being. So I wrote it.
I don’t profess this book to be a great masterpiece of wisdom. However, I do believe it is a great introductory guide to awakening one’s intuitive nature and rediscovering the common sense of the heart and soul. We’ve embraced rationalism so extremely in today’s world, that we have invalidated the inner wisdom and intuitive sources of wisdom that we were all born with – instincts and gifts. Through learning the essence of ritual and the nature of intuitive healing, I strive to reawaken the intuitive senses. It is my hope that this little book will open readers to the parts of themselves that they’ve either been ignoring, muzzling, or have just forgotten how to hear.

 I’ve posted the final version of chapter one of my book onto my website, to give you a head start on it. The book should be available through local and on-line booksellers by this April of this year. The first two chapters introduce the healing nature of Ritual and how to make Rituals for your personal practice. Part two of the book offers a four-chapter menu of Rituals categorized by the primary element that drives the Ritual mythically: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. If you enjoy the first chapter and would like to read the second before the book is available, send me your email at & I’ll send you the second chapter for free also. As always, I welcome your feedback. Click here to read a  Chapter 1 Sample.

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