Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Healing With Visualization

We've heard a lot about the power of intention and positive affirmations over the years, but those of us who have worked with intentions know that every thought does not carry the same impact. Sometimes we feel as the mind really can't change reality, and yet when we give in to negative emotions, we can feel the results very quickly.

The issue is that every conscious thought does not carry an equal amount of weight, and every unconscious belief does not always hold sway in our lives. The levels of mind are as varied as the levels of energy and emotion that we access as part of life, and learning to wield the wand of intention is a soulful process.

In Peru, shamanic proteges spend decades learning to influence the subtle realms of energy and spirit. It requires far more than technique. It involves a lifetime of coming deeper into relationship with our soul self, and the world of spirit, of living light, that they call the Kawsay pacha. Kawsay is the living light that animates life throughout creation and learning to influence this realm, being a powerful co-creator of the cosmos, is what they call learning to "push" kawsay (living light).

Intentional power involves much more than thought, and for the shamanic path, it always begins with our own healing. Shamans must learn to heal their own wounds and come into right relationship with the Divine in order to have power with the Divine.

I have gone into this to help explain why sometimes when you "want" to change something, and you "focus" on that change, change does not always occur. Often, we have to journey inward and start making the changes within ourselves first. Mythic visualization is one way to make the inner shifts.

You might work with this visualization as a starting point. Think of a particular area in your life where something feels damaged or weak.

Sit or lie down and take a few breaths to relax. Imagine yourself sinking down and through your body, sinking below the floor, into the ground and continuing until you come to rest in an underground cave. In this cave is a beautiful underground river, with a gentle water fall at the head and a slow wide middle that narrows at the bottom as it heads deeper into the ground. Across the wide slow river, on the other bank, you see an opening in the wall. Cross the river, walk into the opening--here you may find yourself still in a cave, or in a room or landscape. Look around for an object that represents something in your life that needs clearing or healing. You may have to look in crevices or drawers or within the leaves of a plant. Look around until you find the object. Take the object back to the water. Rinse the object in the river with the idea of cleaning it, clearing it, or healing it. When it feels clear and beautiful take it back across the river with you. Lie down on the rock shelf by the river and pull the object into your heart. Remain there several moments while you feel the gifts of this healed object coming into your heart chakra and nourishing your system. Now imagine yourself rising back up through the ground and into your body.

When you are ready, you might want to take some time to journal about the process. I also recommend making an offering to Spirit in the form of a verbal thank you, or by burning incense. May you journey well!

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